Journal of Daoist Studies

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Journal of Daoist Studies是一本在2008年創刊,並由夏威夷大學出版社出版的年度刊物,致力於從各個不同面向對道教進行學術探究。每期都有三個主要部分:關於歷史、哲學、藝術、社會等的學術論文(8,500字為限);關於中國和世界其他地區當前活動議題的當代實踐論壇(5000字為限);和新聞領域、出版刊物、論文、會議和網站。


協調人︰Livia Kohn(孔維雅)、James Miller(苗建時)、Robin Wang(王蓉蓉)

編輯委員會︰Robert Allinson(愛蓮心)、Shawn Arthur、Friederike Assandri(李可)、Stephan Peter Bumbacher、Joshua Capitanio、Alan K. L. Chan(陳錦樑)、Shin-yi Chao(趙昕毅)、Chen Xia(陳霞)、Kenneth Cohen、Donald Davis、Catherine Despeux(戴思博)、Jeffrey Dippmann、Ute Engelhardt、Stephen Eskildsen(蘇德樸)、Elisabeth Friedrichs、Norman Girardot(吉瑞德)、Jonathan Herman、Adeline Herrou(謝道琳)、Dominique Hertzer、Susan Huang(黃士珊)、P. J. Ivanhoe(艾文賀)、Jia Jinhua(賈晉華)、Jiang Sheng(姜生)、Kang Xiaofei(康笑菲)、Paul Katz(康豹)、J. Russell Kirkland、Terry Kleeman(祁泰履)、Louis Komjathy(康思奇)、Ronnie Littlejohn、Liu Xun(劉迅)、Lü Xichen(吕息琛)、Victor Mair(梅維恆)、Mei Li(梅莉)、Mark Meulenbeld(梅林寶)、Thomas Michael、Christine Mollier(穆瑞明)、Harrison Moretz、David Palmer(宗樹人)、Fabrizio Pregadio(玄英)、Michael Puett(普鳴)、James Robson(羅柏松)、Harold D. Roth(羅浩)、Robert Santee、Elijah Siegler、Richard Wang(王崗)、Michael Winn、Xu Liying(徐李穎)、Yang Lizhi、Yao Ping(姚平)、Zhang Qin(張欽)、Zhang Guangbao(張廣保



  • Friederike Assandri:Laozi’s Eclipse and Comeback: The Narrative Frame of the Benji jing
  • Stephen Eskildsen:Do Immortals Kill?: The Controversy Surrounding Lü Dongbin
  • Louis Komjathy:Mapping the Daoist Body, Part One: The Neijing tu in History
  • Robert Santee:Stress Management and the Zhuangzi
  • James D. Sellmann:Establishing the Altar: The Realized Writ of the Announcement Rite in the Grand Jiao
  • Xun Liu:Profile of a Quanzhen Doctor: Abbot Huang Zongsheng of Wuhan’s Monastery of Eternal Spring
  • Scott P. Phillips:Portrait of an American Daoist: Charles Belyea / Liu Ming
  • Robin R. Wang:Daoists on the Southern Marchmount
  • Michael Rinaldini:How I Became a Daoist Priest
  • Livia Kohn:Grand Offering in Hong Kong
  • Elijah Siegler:Field Notes: Taoist Tai Chi Society & Fung Loy Kok Temple
  • Michael Winn:Daoist Neidan: Lineage and Secrecy Challenges for Western Adepts


  • Taehyun Kim:Reading Zhuangzi Eco-Philosophically
  • Shawn Arthur:Eating Your Way to Immortality: Early Daoist Self-Cultivation Diets
  • Louis Komjathy:Mapping the Daoist Body, Part Two: The Text of the Neijing Tu
  • Volker Olles:Lord Lao’s Mountain: From Celestial Master Daoism to Contemporary Daoist Practice
  • Wan-Li Ho:Daoist Nuns in Taiwan: A Case Study of the Gaoxiong Daode yuan
  • Harrison Moretz:The Dao Is Not for Sale
  • Michael Winn:Daoist Methods of Dissolving the Heart-Mind
  • Charlotte Furth:Exploring Daoist Women’s Meditation
  • Yang Lizhi, Todd Stoll, Chen Mei:Mt. Wudang and Daoism
  • Brian L. Kennedy, Elizabeth Nai-Jia Guo:Taiwanese Daoist Temple Parades and their Martial Motifs


  • Alan K. L. Chan:Affectivity and the Nature of the Sage: Gleanings from A Tang Daoist Master
  • Norman Harry Rothschild:Wu Zhao and the Queen Mother of the West
  • Shih-Shan Susan Huang:Daoist Imagery of Body and Cosmos, Part 1: Body Gods and Starry Travel
  • Kenneth R. Robinson:Daoist Geographies in Three Korean World Maps
  • Adeline Herrou:A Day in the Life of Daoist Monk
  • Elliot Cohen:Psychology and Daoism: Resisting Psychologization—Assisting Dialogue
  • Seth Harter:Practice in the Classroom: To Taiji or Not to Taiji
  • Mark Johnson:Ni Hua-Ching’s Americanization of the “Eternal Breath of Dao”
  • Elena Valussi:Women’s Qigong in America: Tradition, Adaptation, and New Trends
  • Jean DeBernardi:Wudang Mountain and the Modernization of Daoism


  • Jeongsoo Shin:From Paradise to Garden: The Construction of Penglai and Xuanpu
  • Shih-Shan Susan Huang:Daoist Imagery of Body and Cosmos, Part 2: Body Worms and Internal Alchemy
  • Stephen Jackowicz:Daoist Incantations for Acupuncture
  • M. Cristina Zaccarini:Daoist-inspired Healing in Daily Life: Lü Dongbin and the Multifaceted Roles of Chinese Barbers
  • Georges Favraud:A Daoist Career in Modern China: Wang Xin’an of the Southern Peak1
  • Mary I. Bockover:Daoism, Ethics, and Faith: The Invisible “Goodness” of Life
  • Bill Hulet:Daoism in the West: Following Buddhist and Christian Models?
  • Imke Bock-Möbius:Daoism and Entirety in Quantum Physics
  • Mary Kay Ryan:Infusing Chinese Medicine with Spirit: Daoism, Shamanism, & Chinese Medicine in the Modern World
  • Rita Egizii:Daoist Principles as a Solution for Sustainable Business
  • Suzanne Cahill:What to Fear and How to Protect Yourself: Daoism and Hong Kong Horror Movies


  • Jennifer Lundin Ritchie:Guodian Laozi and Taiyi Sheng Shui: A Cognitive Science Reading
  • Lucas Weiss:Rectifying the Deep Structures of the Earth: Sima Chengzhen and the Standardization of Daoist Sacred Geography in the Tang
  • Paul Crowe:Nature, Motion, and Stillness: Li Daochun’s Vision of the Three Teachings
  • Ian Johnson:Two Sides of a Mountain: The Modern Transformation of Maoshan1
  • Bede Benjamin Bidlack:Alchemy and Martial Arts: Wang Yannian’s Gold Mountain Daoism1
  • Yves Réquéna:The Biochemistry of Internal Alchemy: Decapitating the Red Dragon
  • Dylan Bolles, Lynette Hunter:Scoring Daoist Energy: A Rhetoric of Collaboration1
  • Felix Breuer:Feldenkrais’ Spontaneous Action and Laozi’s Wuwei
  • Patricia Eichenbaum Karetzky:Daoist Themes by Female Artists
  • Sung-Hae Kim:The Gourd of Small Penglai: Environmental Ethics in Quanzhen Poetry


  • Galia Dor:The Chinese Gate: A Unique Void for Inner Transformation
  • Mihwa Choi:Materializing Salvation: A Liturgical Program and Its Agenda
  • Elmar Oberfrank:Secretly Transmitted Direct Pointers to the Great Elixir
  • Daniel M. Murray, James Miller:The Daoist Society of Brazil and the Globalization of Orthodox Unity Daoism
  • Xu Liying:Daoist Temples in Modern City Life: The Singapore City God Temple
  • Sharon Small:New Visions of the Zhuangzi
  • Michael M. Tophoff:Daoist Principles in the Martial Arts: Their Relevance for Illness Prevention
  • Adam D. Frank:Enacting a Daoist Aesthetic through Taiji quan Training
  • Gerhard Milbrat, Knut Gollenbeck:Daoist Cultivation in the Zhongnan Mountains
  • Steve Jackowicz:Om Mani Padme Hum in Daoist Revision
  • Jeanne White:Flowing in Life with the Yijing


  • Paul D’Ambrosio:Blending Dao: An Analysis of Images in the Daode jing
  • Thomas E. Smith:The Many Faces of Master Redpine
  • David Boyd:The “Other” Dao in Town: Early Lingbao Polemics on Shangqing
  • Paul Crowe:Dao Learning and the Golden Elixir: Shared Paths to Perfection
  • Paul Van Enckevort:The Three Treasures: An Enquiry into the Writings of Wu Shouyang
  • Eske J. Møllgaard:Sage-Knowledge and Equality in the Zhuangzi
  • E. Leslie Williams:Becoming One with the Dao: Meditation in Daode jing and Dōgen
  • Kenneth S. Cohen:Spirit and Life in Balance: Zhao Bichen’s Lasting Influence on Qigong and the Martial Arts
  • Ju Keyi, Lü Xianlong, Denis Mair:Tiandi jiao: The Daoist Connection
  • Christopher Cott:Interviewing Daoist Masters: A Reality Check
  • Martin Schönfeld:Laozi and the New Green Paradigm


  • Paul Fischer:The Creation of Daoism
  • Thomas Michael:Ge Hong’s Xian: Private Hermits and Public Alchemists
  • Ping Yao:Changing Views on Sexuality in Early and Medieval China
  • Patricia Eichenbaum Karetzky:The Transformations of Xuanwu/Zhenwu
  • Guo Wu:The Record of Purity and Brightness: Versions and Contents
  • Lai Chi-Tim:The Cult of Spirit-Writing in the Qing: The Daoist Dimension
  • Livia Kohn:The Inspirational Laozi: Poetry, Business, and the Blues
  • David Mclachlan Jeffrey:Daoist Wisdom for Teachers: A Diary Study
  • Brian Hoffert:Beyond Life and Death: Zhuangzi’s Great Awakening
  • Denis Mair:A Storehouse of Changes
  • Hirsh Diamant, Steve Jackowicz:Daoist Martial Alchemy: The Yijin jing at the Tongbai Gong
  • Michael Saso:The Daoist Jiao Celebration


  • Erica Brindley:Spontaneous Arising: Creative Change in the Hengxian
  • Steven Burik:Comparative Resources: Continental Philosophy and Daoism
  • Friederike Assandri:Stealing Words: Intellectual Property in Medieval China
  • Shu-Wei Hsieh:Possession and Ritual: Daoist and Popular Healing in Taiwan
  • Georges Favraud:Immortals’ Medicine: Daoist Healers and Social Change1
  • Marnix Wells:Daoism Not as We Know It
  • Scott Park Phillips, Daniel Mroz:Daoyin Reimagined: A Comparison of Three Embodied Traditions
  • Andrew Colvin:Nonaction and the Art of Blending: Daoist Principles in Aikido
  • David Hessler:Teaching with Dao
  • Avery Morrow:How Not To Be Thinged By Things
  • Yanxia Zhao:Daoist Longevity and the Aging Society


  • Yumin Ao, Ulrich Steinvorth:Zhuangzi and Wittgenstein on the Self
  • Thomas E. Smith:Xu Mi’s Network: A Different Perspective on Early Higher Clarity Daoism
  • Patricia Eichenbaum Karetzky:The Formation of a Daoist Pictorial Iconography in the Tang: New Images from the Longmen Caves
  • Shih-shan Susan Huang:Daoist Seals: Part 1: Activation and Fashioning
  • Ekaterina Zavidovskaia:Daoist Ritual Manuals in Vietnam: Activating Stars and Trigrams
  • John Leonard:Daoist Literary Criticism
  • Esmaeil Radpour:Daoist Views of the Dream State
  • Wang Xiaoyang, Bao Yan, Livia Kohn:Ways to Immortality: In Popular and Daoist Tales
  • Steve Jackowicz:Physics, Physicality, and Physiology: The Foundation of Daoist Self-Cultivation
  • Ron Catabia:Daoism and Peace Psychology
  • Livia Kohn:The American Transformation of Daoist Cultivation
  • Wei Yanli, Livia Kohn:The Caishan Goddess Temple: Then and Now


  • Sharon Y. Small:A Daoist Exploration of Shenming
  • Gabriele Libera:Losing What "Me"?: An Existentialist Look at the Ego in the Zhuangzi
  • Shih-Shan Susa Huang:Daoist Seals, Part 2: Classifying Different Types
  • Ilia Mozias:Immortals and Alchemists: Spirit-Writing and Self-Cultivation in Ming Daoism
  • Ekaterina Zavidovskaia:Daoist Ritual Manuals in Vietnam: Self-Cultivation, Cosmic Steps, and Healing Talismans
  • Ashley South:Daoism and Peacebuilding: Toward an Agenda for Research and Practice
  • Jeffrey Meyer:A Call to China: Daoism in Modern American Fiction
  • Yunrou:YIN: A Love Story: Daoist Fiction by a Taiji Master
  • Ron Catabia:Dantian Cultivation and the Hard Problem of Consciousness
  • Şerban Toader:A Romanian Spiritual Seeker's Growth: From SciFi Readings to Neidan
  • Donald D. Davis:Meditation, Taijiquan and Qigong: Evidence for Their Impact on Health and Longevity


  • Shen Ming-Chang:Laozi and Community Policing
  • Tang Man-to:Ji Kang’s Theory of Music: Two Interpretations
  • Livia Kohn:Armored Gods: Generals, Guardians, Killers, and Protectors
  • William T. Sanders:Yixing and Buddhism in Manuals of Internal Alchemy
  • Scott Park Phillips:The Zhang Sanfeng Conundrum: Taijiquan and Ritual Theater
  • Lichien Hung:Ritual Healing in Taiwan: The Rite for Concealing the Soul
  • Hervé R. F. Louchouarn:Daoist Medicine: Understanding Human Nature and Physiology
  • Denise Meyer:The Taiji Path to Non-Duality: The Universal Energy Dance
  • Hélène Bloch:From Daoist Cultivation to Longevity Market? “Nourishing Life” on Mount Qingcheng
  • Ron Catabia:Blue Mountain: A 20th-century Korean Daoist Master
  • Matheus Oliva da Costa:Daoism in Latin America
  • David McLachlan Jeffrey:Zhuangzi in the Classroom: A Teacher Diary Study
  • Peter Deadman:The Black Pearl and the White Pearl
  • Monk Yun Rou:The Mad Monk Manifesto: A Daoist Cry for a Paradigm Shift Now